Frequently Asked Questions


Last Updated: February 2017


How do I create a SQD?

Download the SQD App from the Apple App Store (link to come soon).  Follow the instructions through the on-boarding steps, with the easiest option via Facebook or through your personal email.


How do I invite my friends to join my SQD?

During the SQD creation process, you will be prompted with a unique code to you can share with your friends to join your SQD.


How do I find a SQD that my friend created?

Ask your SQD captain for the unique code they received.  If they do not have it, you can email us at and we can get you up and running.


What is the minimum and maximum number of people I can have in my SQD?

Any good SQD should have at least 3 members. We recommend 5-10 for the best experience but you can have up to 30 total SQD members if you like.


How can I remove someone from a SQD?

Yes, just email us the details at


How can I flag inappropriate or offensive content?

At the right of each post in your main SQD board, there is a 3 dot icon that you can tap to notify us of any content that you are not comfortable with.  We will handle it from there.


How can I change my synced Facebook account?

Let us handle that for you.  Shoot us an email at to make a change.


How does “Hurt Money” work?

At the inception of your SQD, your SQD captain chose a set amount of Hurt Money that will be on the line for each member if they do not meet their weekly goals.  If you miss a workout, we will deduct the set dollar amount from your payment source on Monday morning of each completed week.


How do I change our weekly workout goal?

We’d be happy to help change your set goals - email us at .


How do I cancel our SQD session?

Email us at and we can conclude your session at the end of your week.


Can I join or create multiple SQDs?

Yes.. and we encourage it! Connect with different groups of friends and see your workout goals hit more consistently!


Does all of my Hurt Money go to charity?

No - We do take a small processing fee which is detailed in our Privacy Policy.  Our goal over time is to minimize our processing fee so we can maximize charitable donations.


How do I change my payment source?

We can help with that - email us at


How do I pause my SQD session and my hurt money payments?

Email us at and we can put you on “the DL”.


I was incorrectly charged, how do I request a refund?

Whoops! Email us at and we’ll make it right ASAP.


Can I donate to any charity?

For our Beta experience, we are partnering exclusively with One Summit.  Our goal is to offer a wide range of charitable options soon, as well as the possibility to donate to your personal favorites! Stay tuned.


How are you using my personal information?

We will not use your personal information without your consent.


Are my charitable contributions tax deductible?

Not at this time, but it is something we are considering in the future.


How long does my SQD session last?

For our Beta user session, we have left them open ended.  We are evaluating how we want to offer selected sessions to follow.


When are payments made to charity?

At the beginning of each quarter we make payments in bulk to our designated charity.


What constitutes a workout?

We purposely let our users define what a workout is amongst their own squads.  It is important for the group to agree on certain precedents at the onset of starting their SQD.


Can I increase my Hurt Money amount?

For now we have set amounts but are considering a “set your own” amount for future releases.  If you feel you want to put more money on the line, you can start another SQD with another group of friends.