Peer-Pressure Powered Workout App

The Peer Pressure Workout App 


Turn Your Friends into Your Personal Trainer

Create private workout text groups and motivate each other to hit your weekly fitness goals. 

Idiot Proof Workout Verification

We're not going to track you with a wristband or GPS to verify your workouts. Just post a pic of your workout to your SQD. Boom. Done. If you cheat, your SQD will call you out. 


Motivational Banter

SQD is a conversation starter. It gives you and your friends something to talk about on a daily basis. 

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When You Lose, Charity Wins

As an added incentive, you can opt-in to auto-donate to charity any time you miss a workout. 


How It Started


It all started when...

Jay Betley, Matt Handy and Matt Stafford, who were college friends and soccer teammates at Northeastern University and in the best shape of their lives. After graduating, they grew apart, stopped working out together and found excuses to skip the gym. With a desire to reconnect and reclaim their fitness, they created a text based fitness challenge hacked together with group chat, spreadsheets and PayPal and shared it with a group of friends. Four years and visible ab muscles later, they decided this crazy formula works and could really help others.